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Welcome to the Town of Harrietstown

Our website is a useful tool providing contact information for Local Government Officials, online application forms, assessment forms and information, and links to State and County websites with additional functions that are all just a click away.

The Town is now making it easier to view the information that was once only available in the Town Office, accessible in the comfort of your own home.

Thank you for viewing our website!  Please visit often as we are continually updating to develop more information and helpful links to share with you.

The Town of Harrietstown was established March 19, 1841.  Prior to that date Harrietstown had been part of the Town of Duane. The Town's population by 1900 was 1,501.  The current population has grown to 5,254 per the 2020 Census.

Any comments or suggestions, please contact Beth Bevilacqua.